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1 second no-contact temperature scan from 3ft with +/- 0.3°C accuracy (+/- 0.5°F)
Add an extra layer of protection to your facility and help protect your most valuable assets – your human assets.
To ensure that individuals entering a location are not running a high temperature, Aurora introduces the new infrared temperature sensor/detector. It provides alerts when a person is running a high temperature within 1 second.
The Android based system uses an advanced algorithm for detecting and calculating heat signatures. Based on technology developed in Germany, the highly accurate sensor measures with a tolerance of +/- 0.3 degrees Celsius (+/- 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit).
10.1" Panel
15.6" Panel
21.5" Panel

Why a temperature sensor?

  • Provides the first layer of screening protection

  • More hygienic with non-touch infrared technology

  • Multiple devices can be monitored by a single user


Key specifications:
  • Scan distance: 0.5 to 1 meter (approx. 1’ 8” to 3’ 3”)

  • Accuracy: +/- 0.3°C (+/- 0.5°F)

  • Scan speed: within 1 second

  • Camera reversible 180°

  • 10”, 15.6”, and 21.5” models

  • Quad-core 1.8Ghz processor

  • HDMI out for remote viewing

  • WiFi and Ethernet

  • PoE (TTS-10 only)

  • VESA mount capable



  • APS-1 adjustable pole stand with weighted base

  • WMT-1 wall mount

  • DTM-1/DTM-2/DTM-3 desktop stands

  • Future firmware upgrade options

    • Photo & thermal result email alerts

    • Facial detection

    • Customized flagging

    • ReAX control engine for automation & integration with third-party devices and access systems

    • Digital signage capabilities


Exclusive features included with TAURI temperature-check tablets from Aurora

  • HDMI Out – Aurora tablets have an active HDMI output that will allow an operator to view the scan results from a safe distance.

  • ReAX control processor & interface – TAURI tablets from Aurora will include the ReAX control system.  With ReAX, you can create graphical user interfaces and advanced logic using our free software, allowing you to control 3rd party devices or custom applications.  Additional expansion hardware allows you to expand beyond network control protocols, providing physical ports to control devices using RS-232, IR, relays, and I/Os.  ReAX will be included for free via a firmware update in the near future.

  • Digital signage – a future firmware update for Aurora tablets will include the option to use TAURI tables as a digital signage engine.

  • Value-added features – in addition to by providing temperature check capabilities, our exclusive features, optional upgrades, and hardware expansion will ensure that you are getting the highest value for your investment.

  • Accessories – Aurora can provide a one-stop shop for accessories, including mounting solutions, control system expansion, HDMI signal extension, AV over IP, and multi-viewing capabilities, allowing many panels to me monitored by a single person in a centralized, remote location.

  • Accuracy – with one of the most accurate sensors in the industry, TAURI tablets provide a reliable first line of defense for health screening.